‘We’ve Done a Really Good Job of Developing This Sport’

Russian mixed martial fighter Fedor Emelianenko on the last MMA World Cup, his future rivals, and more

Russian Designer to Create Merchandise for Daft Punk

French electronic duo Daft Punk posted on Instagram a list of designers who will make merchandise for the band, and the list is headed by Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky

Oliver Stone: ‘US and Russia Could Be Great Partners’

Oliver Stone in an interview with The Los Angeles Times confessed that he would like Russia and the United States to become partners

Pamela Anderson Promises Melania Trump a Russian Eco-Fur Coat

American actress, model and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson wants to give US first lady Melania Trump a Russian faux fur coat

Kasabian and Foals to Headline Russia’s Largest Music Festival

The 2017 Afisha Picnic will be held in Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow, on 29 July: today, Afisha.Daily announced the headliners for the festival’s main stage

New Zealand Indie Pop Star Kimbra Comes to Moscow

Kimbra, a 27-year-old singer from New Zealand, will hold her first-ever concert in Russia

The Fast and the Beautiful

Most attractive Russian award-winning female athletes of 2016

The Russian Twine Goddess

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has never shied away from demonstrating her excellent physical capabilities – even in her forties

Russian Jewelers Honour Grace Kelly with Diamond Bracelets

Moscow Jewelry Factory has released a new collection entitled “Grace”

Keanu Reeves’s St. Petersburg Promenade Goes Viral on Russian Internet

The attention of Russian social network users focused on Keanu Reeves who was strolling around St. Petersburg

Ralph Lauren Makes Shoes for Moscow Winter

Ralph Lauren introduced a new model of alligator skin shoes called Fidel

Richard Dawkins to Speak at Geek Picnic in St. Petersburg

British biologist and science populariser Richard Dawkins will perform at the annual Geek Picnic festival scheduled for June 24-25

Aerosmith’s Last Farewell in Moscow

Some bright moments of the legendary rockers’ last Moscow concert

System of a Down Frontman to Write Soundtrack for Russian Movie

Frontman of the American rock band System of a Down, musician of Armenian origin Serge Tankian will become the composer of the Russian film “The Legend of Kolovrat”

Keanu Reeves Reveals New Details on Upcoming Thriller 'Siberia'

Actor Keanu Reeves spoke with the Russian Izvestia newspaper about the filming of the romantic thriller "Siberia" in which he plays the main role

Steven Seagal Buys Share of Fairs Organiser in Russia

Actor Steven Seagal bought 20% of Russkiye Yarmarki (Russian Fairs) company

Ralph Fiennes Discusses Drunk Russians and Russian Films

British actor and director Ralph Fiennes spoke about his love for the Russian comedy “Gorko!” and compared the ability of Russians, Brits and the Irish to get drunk

Keanu Reeves to Star in Romantic Thriller ‘Siberia’

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves will star in the romantic thriller "Siberia,” Variety reported

Italian Actress Monica Bellucci Willing to Star in Russian Films

The actress added that there are a lot of visionary cinematographers in Russia

Gorillaz Use Russian Glitché Service in a New Album Promo

British band Gorillaz used the Russian Glitché service, which imposes artificial interference on images for the promotion of their new album, “Humanz”.

Nicolas Cage: ‘I Love Dostoyevsky and Russian Ballet’

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage recently admitted that he would like to read the original versions of Dostoyevsky’s masterpieces

George Martin to Attend Fantasy Festival in St. Petersburg

George R.R. Martin, an American novelist and screenwriter, is going to become the honorary guest at the St. Petersburg Fantasy Assembly 2017