‘What’ya Lookin’ at?’

How street style is affecting new Russian fashion

Russian oodji Clothing Retailer Enters US Market

Retail chain from Russia’s St. Petersburg now hiring a head of their American office

Russian Clothing Retailer Opens First Store in Poland

The Russian clothing retailer Melon Fashion Group opened the first Befree store in the Polish town of Poznan

Former Russian Athlete Isinbayeva Finds Investor for Her Clothing Brand

Former Russian pole-vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva, who announced her retirement in August, has found a potential investor to start her own clothing brand

Zara to Produce Clothes in Russia

Managers from Spanish Inditex corporation which includes Zara brand, signed a contract for clothing production in Russia

Moscow Opens First Russian Army Brand Store

The Russian Defence Ministry has announced the launch of the Russian Army's flagship store in Moscow

Little Red Hats: Moscow Metro Staff Gets New Uniform

The staff of the Moscow Metro will soon get a makeover with new uniforms that were proudly presented at the Kotelniki station on Monday

Largest Nike Store in Central and Eastern Europe to Open in Moscow

On March 26, Nike will open its largest store in Central and Eastern Europe on Kuznetsky Most street in Moscow

‘This Isn’t California’

The President of Levi’s Brand comments on denim styles from the USSR

Brest Manufacturer Packs Socks in Cans

The Brest Stockings Plant, or BChK, released a limited batch of socks packaged in cans just in time for the holiday Day of the Defender of the Fatherland on Feb. 23

Fashion Forum to Be Held in Moscow

The Fashion Futurum international conference will take place in Moscow in mid-March as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Russian T-Shirt Makers Strike Gold with Trump

The rapid emergence of Trump-related brands in Russia

Orenburg-Made Furry Leggings Go Viral

Furry tights offered for sale on eBay have so captivated Russian Internet users that the product has been spun into a meme that has gone viral on Twitter

The Right for Fashion

People with disabilities demonstrate a style and zest for life

Soviet Glam: Film Star Fashion From the USSR

The VDNKh Exhibition Centre is hosting a blockbuster exhibition of the clothes worn by the Soviet Union’s greatest film stars. Fashion historian Alexander Vassiliev gives Afisha.Daily a guided tour

‘What Pierre Cardin Creates – It’s a Whole New Planet’

Interview with Rodrigo Basilicati, Pierre Cardin’s successor by Rambler News Service

Finn Flare Becomes First Foreign Clothing Brand to Launch in Russia

Finn Flare has become the first international clothing brand to start its own production line in Russia

Zara May Transfer Production to Russia

Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has suggested Spanish retailer Zara could move part of its production to Russia