Five Stolen Paintings Return to Levitan Museum

Five works by Russian painter Isaac Levitan worth about 77 million roubles ($1.3 million) have been returned to his house-museum in Plyos

Aspiring Vlogger Steals Grandmother’s Video Camera, Sells It for Alcohol

A man in the Kemerovo province was detained on suspicion of stealing a video camera

Dog Rescues Child in Altai Region

A dog saved a two-year child who had been left by his mother on an unheated porch without clothes or food in the Altai Region

Suspects Arrested in Yakutia for Stealing Mammoth Tusks

Suspects who stole mammoth tusks worth over $173,000 were detained in Yakutia

Tonnes of Red Caviar Stolen from Warehouse in Moscow... Again

Red caviar worth almost $610,000 was stolen from a warehouse located in the eastern part of Moscow

Skolkovo IT Company Protects Banks From Fraud

In 2015, Russian banks saved over $62.5 million thanks to a biometric verification and identification fraud prevention system

Thirteen Tonnes of Red Caviar Stolen Through a Hole in Fence in Moscow

Unidentified thieves have stolen 13 tonnes of red caviar in Moscow, breaking through a concrete fence and sawing through container walls in the process