Solyanka: How to Make Soup From Sausage

Solyanka, a thick, spicy and sour Russian soup that is common in Russia and other former Soviet republics, can be made from fish, meat or mushrooms

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Russian Dishes Which Scare Foreign Chefs

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Herring Under a Fur Coat

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Today, MOSLENTA takes you on a tour of the Moscow cafes and restaurants which are recreating the atmosphere of the USSR through their design and menus

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Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Alla Manilova on the Russia-Austria Tourism Year

Arctic Delights

High-end cuisine of Russia's Far North

Los Angeles Residents Discover Russian Cuisine

Russian chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Georgy Troyan showcased contemporary Russian cuisine in the US during the “Far From Moscow” Russian culture festival

Five Quick Recipes Using Russian Fish: From Pike Caviar to Vorschmack

Five traditional fish recipes from Russia, which are guaranteed to whet your appetite

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Seventeen Russian restaurants made it onto La Liste, a rating of the world’s top one thousand restaurants that has recently been released on its official webpage

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A good sauce is the key to unlocking the flavour of any dish, yet does such a thing exist? It does, and it is named aïoli

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From Nov. 27 to 30, Monaco is hosting the Chefs World Summit

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The second Russian Gastronomic Week (RGW) has begun in Madrid

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Asian Appetisers with a Russian Touch

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President of the International Centre of Wine and Gastronomy on his plans for the global expansion of Russian cuisine

Where to Eat in Moscow in True Russian Style

Moscow restaurants serving nelma suguday, shrimp and fish telnoye