Russian Pastry: Homemade Pies with Meat and Cabbage

It is always a pleasure to make traditional Russian dishes for dinner, especially if it is pies with cabbage and meat

Russian Regions to Host Several Festivals for Foodies in 2017

Afisha.Restaurants is planning to organise gastronomic festivals throughout Russia

Ufa Confectioner Nominated for International Social Media Award

Olga Noskova, a confectioner from Ufa who posts pictures of her cakes on Instagram, has been nominated for a Shorty Award

What's for Dinner: Fried Dumplings

Don’t forget that you can not only boil dumplings but also fry and bake them

Solyanka: How to Make Soup From Sausage

Solyanka, a thick, spicy and sour Russian soup that is common in Russia and other former Soviet republics, can be made from fish, meat or mushrooms

Russian Dishes Which Scare Foreign Chefs

Can someone who grew up on sushi, pizza or pasta genuinely like Herring under Fur Coat or Veal Orlov?

Soviet Nostalgia on a Plate

Today, MOSLENTA takes you on a tour of the Moscow cafes and restaurants which are recreating the atmosphere of the USSR through their design and menus

How to Make Mulled Wine Using a Water Cooler

How we made mulled wine for our editorial office’s New Year’s Eve party

Arctic Delights

High-end cuisine of Russia's Far North

Los Angeles Residents Discover Russian Cuisine

Russian chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Georgy Troyan showcased contemporary Russian cuisine in the US during the “Far From Moscow” Russian culture festival

Seventeen Russian Restaurants Among World’s Best

Seventeen Russian restaurants made it onto La Liste, a rating of the world’s top one thousand restaurants that has recently been released on its official webpage

CNN: Sanctions Have Fuelled a Russian Food Revolution

Restrictions on foreign food by Russia and economic sanctions imposed by the EU have sparked off a culinary revolution in the country

Quick Salads by Konstantin Ivlev

Five simple recipes with a complex taste

Acting Up With Taste

LavkaLavka chef Vladimir Chistyakov on Arctic cuisine in Teriberka

Glen Ballis: ‘Sanctions Boost Russian Restaurant Industry’

The Australian chef talks on his native cuisine, his work with Russian restaurant magnate Arkady Novikov, and why he decided to open a sushi bistro in Moscow

Thai Cuisine by Alexander Rappoport

The lawyer-turned-foodie talks Tom kha soup, curries and salads

Meat Okroshka by William Pokhlebkin

Roman Loshmanov on a pedantic kvass recipe

Green Borscht

Elena Nikiforova, chef at Moscow’s Shinok restaurant, tells Eda.ru about a sorrel soup that can be classified either as borscht or as shchi

Light Salads by Evgeny Raytses

Keep it light and bright with combinations of corn salad leaves and blood oranges; pumpkin and arugula; spinach, oranges, and turnips; beans and pesto sauce; or raisins and cabbage

‘In Russia, Soup Is Thought to Be a Man’s Food’

Elena Osipova interviews an American chef brave enough to open a restaurant in Russia’s capital

Baked Mullets Recipe

Lara Katsova, brand chef at Barkas, a restaurant specializing in Odessan cuisine, and presenter on the Home Cooking TV show, talks on how best to cook the Black Sea staple

The Secret of Perfect Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Andrey Mahov, Chef at Moscow’s Café Pushkin, shares his recipe of cottage cheese pancakes