‘Urban’ Is Taken More As Format for Design Than Genre of Design

Excerpt from Benjamin Bratton’s new essay on what makes the norms really new

Company in Russia’s Tyumen Hiring ‘Software Engineer Imitator’

“Pravilnaya” web-studio has announced a search for “software engineer imitator” to help visually expand it's staff

Russian Illustrator Who Made the World Laugh

Meet Anton Gudim's creations which are funny, sad and sarcastic at the same time

Moscow's Zaryadye Park to Get 'Floating' Bridge

A "floating" suspension bridge is under construction in Moscow's new Zaryadye Park

Swatch Dedicates Watches to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has added a new model to its Destination watch collection that is dedicated to Russian cities, a brand spokesperson told Lenta.ru

Russian Jewelers Honour Grace Kelly with Diamond Bracelets

Moscow Jewelry Factory has released a new collection entitled “Grace”

'There Are Producers Around the World Who Would Kill to Have 'Fisht' Stadium'

Damon Lavelle shares his impressions of Sochi, sports architecture in Russia during the crisis and the historical value of Luzhniki stadium after the reconstruction

Lada Raven Futuristic Super Сar Under Production in Crimea

First production model of the Russian super car will be rolled out in the fall of 2018

Russian Designers Present Marble-Plated iPhone 7

The Russian-Italian luxury goods company Caviar has released a conceptual image for the iPhone 7

Gorillaz Use Russian Glitché Service in a New Album Promo

British band Gorillaz used the Russian Glitché service, which imposes artificial interference on images for the promotion of their new album, “Humanz”.

Russian Designers Recreate Iconic Sneakers

Russian designers have brought back to life the hip Soviet-era Dva Myacha canvas shoes

Russian Artist Creates Venus de Milo from Scraps of Ads

An unusual incarnation of the ancient goddess appeared on a façade in central Moscow

Russian Matryoshka Doll Inspires Creators of Stylish Kitchen Gadget

If someone had to name one souvenir that foreigners typically buy in Russia, it would most likely be the matryoshka

Spoons of Victory: Russia Unveils Its National Musical Instrument for Fans

Russian fans will soon have a new national musical instrument to support their teams

Russian Advertising Through the Ages

A collection of labels, posters and other publications for different food and drinks sold in Russia from the late 19th century to the mid 1970s

The Naked Truth

What Russians hide in their bathrooms

Moscow to Host Antonio Gaudi Exhibition

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art will host an exhibition of works by Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi in 2017

Russian Jewelry Brand Releases Unique ‘Printing’ Ring

Russian jewelry brand MyKi, in collaboration with jewelry company Amorem, released a limited edition line called “100% Pure Love”

Trans-Siberian Railway to Grow Five ‘Elephant Trunks’

Five new stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway will have an unusual design developed by London architectural studio Kamvari Architects

20th-Century Russian Art on Display in Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro and the Tretyakov Gallery joined efforts to design a train featuring Russian 20th-century art