Russian Taxi Service Reveals Its First Self-Driving Car

Russia’s Yandex IT company has published a demo video of their first self-driving vehicle

Russian Railways to Develop Driverless Trains

The Russian Railways, or RZD, is currently looking for developers and engineers to work on a new driverless train technology

Matrёshka: Skolkovo Presents Russia’s First Driverless Electric Bus

Russia’s first driverless electric bus “Matrëshka” was presented at the Moscow Skolkovo Innovation Centre

Automatic Buses to Feature at Russia 2018 World Cup

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has announced that the first driverless buses will be launched in time for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

Self-driving Trucks to Appear on Moscow Roads in 2017

Light commercial GAZel and Hyundai models will transport goods autonomously but under the supervision of a person

Moscow to Launch Matreshka Driverless Buses at VDNKh Park

The general director of Russia's manufacturing company of unmanned vehicles stated that Matreshka driverless buses could start running at VDNKh by summer 2017