Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Sberbank to Create Alibaba Analogue

This summer, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, or MED, and Sberbank will begin working together on a Russian Internet trading site

Russian oodji Clothing Retailer Enters US Market

Retail chain from Russia’s St. Petersburg now hiring a head of their American office

Charity Online Grocery Store Opens in Russia’s Yekaterinburg

An entrepreneur from Yekaterinburg has launched an online store where everyone can buy groceries and household goods for indigent elderly people

Moscow Kremlin to Open Online Shop

Administrative Directorate of the President is testing its online shop “Kremlin Quality”

eBay Russia to Start Developing Businesses in 120 Countries

Starting this year, eBay Russia will be responsible for the company’s business development in 120 countries around the world, according to Ilya Kretov

Russian Blogger Becomes Global Ambassador for AliExpress

Russian Katya Konasova has been named the winner of the AliExpress Global Blogger Challenge

Orenburg-Made Furry Leggings Go Viral

Furry tights offered for sale on eBay have so captivated Russian Internet users that the product has been spun into a meme that has gone viral on Twitter

Russia's Sberbank Aspires to Create a Marketplace Similar to Alibaba

Sberbank is planning on creating an e-commerce platform similar to those of Alibaba and Amazon in Russia