Trump to Register Slogan ‘Keep America Great!’ in Russia

The Trump Organisation, the company owned by US President Donald Trump, has filed a claim with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property

Poll: Two-Thirds of Russians Want Putin As Next President

A survey conducted by the Levada Centre has shown that two-thirds of Russians would like to have President Vladimir Putin remain in his position after the 2018 election

Trump ‘Willing to Make Friends’

After winning the election, President-elect Donald Trump promised to establish good relations with other countries

What Trump’s Victory Means for Russia and Europe

Russia expects relations’ reboot from Trump’s victory in the first place. European leaders, on the other hand, did not expect Donald Trump to win the US presidential election

Putin Congratulates US President-Elect Trump on Victory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the US presidential election

Bloomberg: Clinton Victory Could Strengthen Russian Rouble

The Russian rouble may strengthen if Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate for the US presidency, wins today’s election

Americans Believe Russia ‘Is Meddling’ in US Presidential Election – Poll

Over half of US adults believe that Russia is attempting to influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election