How Being a Geek Became Synonymous with the Mainstream

Afisha.Daily found out how St. Pete's students came up with the idea and why Russia’s future depends on geeks rather than politicians

Rise of the Machines

How artificial intelligence took over Russia’s Skolkovo innovation centre

St. Petersburg Engineers to Develop First Russian Solar Car

The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported the project of the first electric vehicle processing solar energy into fuel in Russia

Russian Stuntman Creates Transformer from Lada Car

A stuntman creates a Russian version of Optimus Prime based on a Lada platform. And it shoots!

Russian Navy to Get Robot That Imitates Submarine Movements

Marine engineering bureau CDB Rubin has developed a concept design for the “Surrogate” underwater robotic vehicle for the Russian Navy

New Generation ‘Moscow’ Train Kicks Off in the Metro

The so-called "train of the future" showcases USB-chargers, free Wi-Fi and new interacting displays which will guide you through your trip

The Russian Inventor of the Television

Seventy-six years ago, a Russian immigrant received a patent for the television

What Fedor the Robot Can Do

Russia cultivates a mechanical helper who can drive a car and work with household appliances

Samsung Buys Three Medical Patents from Russian Developers

Samsung purchased three patents from Russian engineers for the development of laser sensors to monitor pulse, blood pressure and skin condition

Robot Gardener Currently at Work in Moscow’s Aptekarsky Garden

The robot gardener Agro-Bot can be seen in the Aptekarsky Garden of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University

Perm Inventor 3D-Prints Terminator Robot

Engineer Alexander Osipovich from the town of Kungur used a 3D printer to create parts of the T-800 unit from James Cameron’s classic film “The Terminator”

Russia, UAE to Develop Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet

Russia and the United Arab Emirates have launched a joint project to develop a light fifth-generation fighter jet

Skolkovo Startups to Attend Slush Technology Show in Helsinki

The Skolkovo Foundation will bring 50 companies to Slush, the largest technology show in Northern Europe, uniting entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs of large corporations

Nine Weirdest Russian Patents

In September, Apple obtained a patent for a paper bag. Later, Samsung patented a curved cardboard box. However, as we have found out, Russia can boast a collection of much more peculiar innovations

Russian Trade and Industry Ministry and Rostelecom Unveil Printer With Baikal CPU

The first Russian multi-function printer, codename Katyusha, was unveiled on Tuesday, Sept. 13

Moscow Institute Wins Smartmoto Engineering Contest

A team from Moscow Polytechnic University came top of the overall standings at the Smartmoto Challenge engineering contest in Barcelona

‘You Need to Push Yourself, Make Your Own Mistakes’

A Moscow schoolboy talks about life, robotics and his winning of the “junior Nobel Prize”