Make Way for WayRay

WayRay, Swiss-based Russian startup and the developer of an innovative navigation system, receives $18-million investment

Stanislav Kiselev: Doing Business in Russia

Stanislav Kiselev, founder of the cleaning service Helpstar, on how he came back to Moscow to become a businessman

Half of Russian Women Want to Become Entrepreneurs – Poll

About 84% of Russian women are considering the possibility of starting their own business, while 50% are ready to launch one

Russia Is an Excellent Starting Point for a Startup – Buzzfactory Founder

Russian market is an excellent place to launch a startup because it is more open and less competitive than the US market

Medvedev Promises to Boost Russian Regional Enterprises with $124Mln Investment

Medvedev said that the government intended to invest up to 7.5 billion roubles to support small and medium-sized businesses outside of the major cities

MasterCard: Russia Has Fourth Most Female Entrepreneurs

According to the MasterCard Index of Female Entrepreneurs, 32.6% of business owners in Russia are women, placing the country fourth overall in the world

The New Russian Milk: Ugleche Pole

No-pesticide, no-herbicide feed, free-range pasture with laser precision milking technology and cats for pest control – how organic milk is produced in the town of Uglich.

Russia to Hold Small Business ‘Road Show’ in China

Russia will organise a "road show" of Russia’s small and medium-sized businesses for Chinese investors

Alexander Chichkin: From Sailor’s Son to Milk King

The story of a millionaire who survived the Russian Revolution

Turkish Entrepreneurs Invest About $2 Billion in Tatarstan

At a business forum in Kazan, the Turkish Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekchi shared how much money Turkish entrepreneurs have invested in Tatarstan

Russia’s Playrix Is Most Lucrative Mobile Game Developer

App Annie analytical company has published a report listing the most profitable mobile game developers in Russia

Russia and Its Attitude to Wealth

How the country changed its perceptions of entrepreneurs

Russian Team Unveils Holographic Car Navigation System

WayRay, a company created by Russian developers, has unveiled a unique holographic technology

‘For Me, Art Is Something Separate: It’s Above Politics’

Interview with Lord Mark Poltimore, Deputy Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe and Chairman of Sotheby’s Russia

Haul to All: How Rostov Entrepreneurs Transport Planes, Bees and Ice Cream

Startup develops the largest haulage marketplace in Russia through a novel idea

Russia’s Oldest Steam Engine

LJ-user DOBRIY_VASYA and LJ-magazine give an insight on the last remaining example of Watt’s steam engine in Russia