Foam and the City: Moscow as Depicted by Master Latte Artists

Afisha.Daily asked participants in the Russian Barista Days “Latte Art Championship” to create something discernible with latte foam about Moscow. Here’s what they made

ISS to Simulate Coldest Place in Universe in 2017

The International Space Station, or ISS, plans to conduct an experiment on cold atoms by simulating the coldest part of the universe

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And not just any spaghetti, but beetroot spaghetti...

Steel Frying Pans

Eda.ru authors Alexey Zimin and Olga Ostakhova have fried 5 steaks on 5 frying pans to find out what each of them can do

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Lab Class: Cuisine Meets Science

Roman Loshmanov reveals why Vladimir Mukhin set up the first gastronomy laboratory in Russia