Russia May Export Missile Submarines to Indonesia and Philippines

Project 636 submarines equipped with Caliber missiles are in great demand in the world, said the presidential aide of Russia on military-technical cooperation

Austrian Experts Try 22 Best Russian Wines

A delegation from Russia brought 22 bottles of local wine to Austria

Russia Made $24 Billion Selling Warships in 17 Years

Since 2000, the international exports of naval equipment brought about $24 billion in revenues

US Law Enforcement, Military Show Interest in Russian Non-Lethal OSA Pistols

US Law Enforcement, Military Show Interest in Russian Non-Lethal OSA Pistols.

Russia Outpaced Saudi Arabia in Oil Production this April

Russia outpaced Saudi Arabia in oil production volumes

Russia-China Trade Turnover Jumps by Third

Trade turnover between Russia and China increased by 29.3% reaching $18.1 billion in the first quarter of 2017

Russia Sold 106 Military Helicopters

Contracts to supply 106 Russian military helicopters worth $4.7 billion are underway

Russia Could Become Net Food Exporter in 2017

Food exports from Russia could exceed imports this year

Russia-China Trade Turnover Sees 20% Surge in May

The trade turnover between Russia and China has increased by 20%

Russian Wheat Exports to Reach Record High in 2018

Russian exports of wheat may set a new high record in July 2018 – June 2019

Russia’s Gazprom Exports to Hit Record Level in 2017

Russia’s state-controlled gas company Gazprom expects its exports to be record-high this year, the Deputy Chairman of the company management told the Rambler News Service

Cuba to Buy More Russian Oil and Petroleum Products

Cuba intends to increase imports of oil and petroleum products from Russia

Sales of Russian Lada Cars Surge by Half in Europe

Over the past four months, the European Union has sold 1,500 Lada cars, which is 52% more than a year ago

Putin: Russia’s Military Export Portfolio Exceeds $50 Billion

The president noted that the current trends of the global arms market included “reduced global defence spending due to the difficult situation in the economy”

Russia One of Top Instant Coffee Exporters to Germany

Russia provided five precent of German imports of instant coffee this past autumn

Russian Lada Vesta Cars Now on Sale in Germany

Russian Lada Vesta sedan is now available for purchase in Germany for a little over $13,000

Russia to Export Wheat to Venezuela on Monthly Basis

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro said that delivery of Russian wheat to the country will begin soon

Auchan Begins Delivery of Russian Chocolate to Italy

The major French retailer Auchan has begun deliveries of chocolate and confectionery products from Russian manufacturers to Italy

Arizona Sheriffs Purchase Russian Non-Lethal OSA Pistols

Sheriffs working in the state of Arizona have purchased a large batch of Russian OSA (Wasp) non-lethal pistols

China Is the Major Buyer of Russian Food Products

China has surpassed Turkey as the main buyer of Russian food products

First Russian MiG-29 Jets Delivered to Egypt

Egypt has received first MiG-29 fighter jets under a contract with Russia