China Is the Major Buyer of Russian Food Products

China has surpassed Turkey as the main buyer of Russian food products

Russia and Japan to Create Marine Agro-Fund

Yuji Yamamoto, Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, proposed to create a joint Russo-Japanese agro-business platform in the Far East

Russia’s Largest Caviar Exporter Targets China

The Russian Caviar House Group plans to start shipping caviar to China in June

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Five traditional fish recipes from Russia, which are guaranteed to whet your appetite

Stolichnaya Vodka Brand to Produce Seledochka Canned Products

Soyuzplodoimport, a Moscow-based company that owns the famous Stolichnaya vodka brand, will launch production of canned herring under the brand name Stolichnaya Seledochka

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Caviar: Made in Moscow

The Russian capital launches its first large-scale sturgeon caviar production facility

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Lara Katsova, brand chef at Barkas, a restaurant specializing in Odessan cuisine, and presenter on the Home Cooking TV show, talks on how best to cook the Black Sea staple