Netflix Documentary Series Features Moscow Chef

Streaming service Netflix posted a trailer for the third season of “Chef’s Table,” its documentary series about the culinary traditions of the world, on YouTube

Russia Could Become Net Food Exporter in 2017

Food exports from Russia could exceed imports this year

Russian Ministries to Promote Healthy Lifestyle, Clamp Down on Unhealthy Items

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved a project to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage preventative measures against non-infectious diseases

LeEco to Supply Russian Foods to China

LeEco has announced the launch of LeLive, an online platform which will be used to market Russian foods in China

Russia to Start Shipping Poultry Products to Egypt

Russia received permission to export poultry products to Egypt

UberEats Now Available in Moscow

Uber officially announced the launch of UberEats in Moscow, according to a press release

Wine for the Upper Crust

Even the rich and powerful enjoy eating and drinking, just like everybody else

‘In Russia, Food and Beauty Products are Essential’

An interview with Laurent Abadie, Chairman of the Board of Panasonic Europe, and Junichi Suzuki, General Director of Panasonic Russia

Russia’s Grain Harvest to Hit New Record

Russia has the potential to harvest more than 116 million tons of grain this year, Russia’s Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev told RNS on Tuesday

A Sweet Tradition

Making Russian marshmallow in the town of Kolomna

Green Borscht

Elena Nikiforova, chef at Moscow’s Shinok restaurant, tells Eda.ru about a sorrel soup that can be classified either as borscht or as shchi

Light Salads by Evgeny Raytses

Keep it light and bright with combinations of corn salad leaves and blood oranges; pumpkin and arugula; spinach, oranges, and turnips; beans and pesto sauce; or raisins and cabbage

Baked Mullets Recipe

Lara Katsova, brand chef at Barkas, a restaurant specializing in Odessan cuisine, and presenter on the Home Cooking TV show, talks on how best to cook the Black Sea staple