Russia to Export Wheat to Venezuela on Monthly Basis

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro said that delivery of Russian wheat to the country will begin soon

No Grain, No Gain

Russia plans to compete for US market share

Russia Is World’s Largest Coriander Supplier

Russia has surpassed India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Italy and other leading suppliers of spices to become the world’s largest exporter of coriander

Kalashnikovs, Wheat and Software: Russia Boosts Exports to Venezuela

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister outlines prospective cooperation between the two countries

Russia to Supply 50,000 Tonnes of Grain to Venezuela

In January of next year, Russia and Venezuela will sign a contract whereby 30,000–50,000 tonnes of Russian grain are to be supplied to Venezuela

Russia May Have Record Corn Harvest

Russia may harvest a record 14.1 million tonnes of corn this year

Russia to Control Ten Percent of Global Grain Market in 2016

Russia’s share of the global grain market will grow to 10% in 2016, according to a statement made by the Minister of Agriculture Aleksandr Tkachyov

Russia’s Grain Harvest to Hit New Record

Russia has the potential to harvest more than 116 million tons of grain this year, Russia’s Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev told RNS on Tuesday