Great, Powerful, Cynical: Why Americans Love Russian Language

Three students from United States talk about phonetic roughness of the Russian language, the horror of vinaigrette and omnipresent Mr. Putin

Mireille Mathieu Named Russian Language Ambassador to World

French singer Mireille Mathieu has been named a Russian Language Ambassador to the World

Over 120,000 Foreigners Want to Learn Russian

A total of 125 million people are currently studying Russian abroad, according to research from Alexander Pushkin State Institute

Google Begins Using Neural Networks Translations for Russian

Google Translate has started to use neural machine translation when translating from Russian, the company’s blog said

‘I Would Learn Russian’

Three foreigners explain why they chose to study Russian and the obstacles they ran into along the way

Moscow Testing Out 24/7 Call Centre for Tourists

The tourist centre is processing calls in five languages – English, German, Chinese, Russian and Spanish – from both Russian and foreign travellers

TV Host Vladimir Posner to Hold Russia's First English Dictation Event

Moscow will host “Spell Well,” an English dictation event that is part of the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature