How to Read More: Seven Proven Tips

Everyone is aware of the benefits of reading – but do we know how to read more and faster?

Top Ten Skating Rinks in Moscow

If you enjoy a bit of cold and are a fan of winter sports, why not find your skating legs at one of the ice rinks scattered around Moscow?

World’s Highest Skating Rink

A skating rink that recently opened on the 86th storey of one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City claims to be the highest in the world

Foam and the City: Moscow as Depicted by Master Latte Artists

Afisha.Daily asked participants in the Russian Barista Days “Latte Art Championship” to create something discernible with latte foam about Moscow. Here’s what they made

Beyond Cheap and Cheerful

What are the best hostels in Russia like?

Moscow to Honor David Bowie with Karaoke Bar

There are no Russian songs on the karaoke menu and as the organisers claim, “there won’t be Stas Mikhaylov or Mikhail Krug, even if you beg.”

Russia's Most Promising Resorts: Ryazan and Belokuriha-2

Rambler.Travel presents a list of Russian regions that might well become popular tourist destinations in the future

Take the Plunge! Russia’s Top Five Water Parks

Palms, wave pools and flumes: would you like to go back to summer, if only for one day? Rambler.Travel presents the splashiest water parks in Russia

Jaguarondis Arrive at Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo has recently welcomed the arrival of jaguarondis – small wildcats of the puma genus with reddish-brown coats

A Beach Chair in Paradise: A Closer Look at What the Best Russian Beach Has to Offer

Russia’s best beach is in the Kaliningrad Oblast – at least, that’s what the organizers of the Blue Flag awards claim

First Subtitle Festival in Moscow Attracts 1000 Visitors in Three Days

The international Subtitle Festival welcomed an estimated 1,000 visitors during the first three days of its work

Blogger Advice: Eight Hidden Gems of Crimea

Rambler.Travel teamed up with a group of bloggers in the know to give you the eight best locations offering a breathtakingly beautiful break from the hustle and bustle of the city

Where to Visit on the Crimean Coastline

Rambler.Travel looked at the main features of the southern, eastern and western coasts of Crimea, and tells you why to go there

Where to Holiday on the Sea of Azov?

We decided to explore in detail Russia's forgotten tourist destination and tell you exactly why it is worth visiting, how much it costs and how to get there

Steel Frying Pans

Eda.ru authors Alexey Zimin and Olga Ostakhova have fried 5 steaks on 5 frying pans to find out what each of them can do

First Hotel Opens at the Russian Stadium

Russia's first arena-hotel has been opened in the city of Kazan

Indians Eye Russia and Europe for Leisure Getaway Thanks to Exchange Rates

Travel agencies in India have seen a demand for trips to Europe, Russia, Canada and New Zealand swell by 25-30% this season, The Economic Times reported

The First Igloo-Hotel in Russia to Open in Kamchatka

The first igloo-hotel in Russia is scheduled to open its doors at the end of the month, according to the official Kamchatka region website

Crimea to Become a Year-Round Resort

Rambler.Travel found out what Crimean resorts look like in the off-season

Crimea Hopes to Compete With Krasnodar Region in Tourism

Crimean authorities have decided to compete with Krasnodar region resorts by lowering their prices to make the resort more attractive for tourists, RIA Novosti news agency reported Wednesday