Russian Company Creates Hack-Proof iPhone Cases

Russian luxury smartphone company Gresso promised that it can provide digital security for iPhones with its newest line, a company spokesman told Lenta.ru

Russian Smart Phone Designer Releases New Politician-Inspired Model

Caviar, a deluxe brand that creates glamourously-designed smart phones, has released their newest model, the iPhone 7 Atlante Russia Bianco

Well Spotted!

In Russia, fashion events may be staged in the unlikeliest of spots such as metro stations, bathhouses or even cattle barns

Louis Vuitton Releases Sneakers for TsUM Shoppers

Louis Vuitton has created a limited edition of Run Way women’s sneakers produced specifically for Moscow’s TsUM shopping centre

Russian Jewelers Honour Grace Kelly with Diamond Bracelets

Moscow Jewelry Factory has released a new collection entitled “Grace”

Ralph Lauren Makes Shoes for Moscow Winter

Ralph Lauren introduced a new model of alligator skin shoes called Fidel

Chanel Applies for Russian Tax Free Programme

Chanel has sent an application to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for participation in the tax free programme

Seventy Percent of Russians Increased Spending on Luxury Goods

Seventy percent of Russian residents have increased their spending on luxury goods in 2016

Most Expensive Real Estate in Moscow Revealed

Moscow’s most expensive real estate locations of 2016 have been named

Aerobatics-Inspired Bentley Model on Sale in Moscow

Luxury carmaker Bentley has launched the limited series Continental GT V8 S Kobra Edition II, an exclusive model that is only sold in the Russian capital

A Private Helicopter Line Launched in Russia

Heliport-M Airline (Heliports of Russia Group) began ticket sales for charter helicopter flight

Russian Designers Present Marble-Plated iPhone 7

The Russian-Italian luxury goods company Caviar has released a conceptual image for the iPhone 7

Bulgari Set to Open Four New Stores in Russia

Bulgari, the jewelry brand owned by LVMH, plans to open four additional stores in Russia over the next ten years

Under the Golden Coat of Arms

A tour of Russia’s most expensive cottage

Moscow TsUM Store Launches Cashier-Less Checkout

Moscow’s TsUM (Central Universal Department Store) teamed up with Sberbank in the implementation of a new cashier-less way for customers to pay for their purchases

Experts Predict Revival of Luxury Market in Russia

The Russian market for luxury goods may grow in 2017, according to Luxurydaily

Bentley Releases Exclusive Cars for Russia

Bentley Motors has announced the release of two new car series exclusively for the Russian market that are based on the Continental GT V8 model

Essential Luxury

Spirited Rolls-Royce models to bring style, power to Russian roads