Russia to Launch Ten Satellites to Monitor Arctic

The new programme will boost development of Russia's northern regions, Roscosmos representative claims

Russian Divers Set a World Record in Ice Diving

Researchers from the Russian Geographical Society have set a world record for ice diving

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The Frozen Art of Dunya Zakharova

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Planet Taymyr

An out-of-world experience without leaving Russia

Amur Tiger Caught on Video Crossing a Road in Primorye

The video clip was viewed more than 10,000 times the same day

Ice Hotel to Reopen in Russian Kamchatka

Construction is under way in the Kamchatka region on Russia’s only igloo hotel, the regional government’s press service reported

St. Petersburg Travellers to Venture out to the Arctic on an Inflatable Catamaran

Russian travellers are planning to brave the elements and venture out to the Arctic on an inflatable catamaran

Moscow City Library Branch Opens at the North Pole

The first northernmost library has been opened for border guards and scientific explorers on Franz Josef Land

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