Russia to Start Producing Cobalt-60 for Cancer Treatment

The Rosatom State Corporation’s company OKBM is preparing the documents necessary to release supplies of the radioactive isotope cobalt-60 for cancer treatment

The Nuclear Arctic

The story behind Russia’s northernmost nuclear power station

Russian Scientists Develop Robot for Nuclear, Chemical Accidents

A robot that can detect radiation was developed for the EMERCOM Centre for Special Operations

Rosatom to Build a Radiation Centre in Brazil

The United Innovation Corporation (OIC), a subsidiary of Rosatom, will set up a radiation centre in Brazil

A Report From a Closed City

A special correspondent at Lenta.ru visited one of the most classified enterprises in Russia

The Satan of All Missiles

European and American tabloids run alarmist depictions of the new ‘Satan’ missile

Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 Air Defence Missile Systems to Iran

Russia has fulfilled its obligations under the contract for the supply of S-300 air defence missile systems to Iran

Five Minutes to Madness

Do Russians want a war with the US, or do Americans want a war with Russia?

US State Department Regrets Russia's Suspension of Nuclear Pact

The United States State Department has expressed regret over Russia’s unilateral suspension of the agreement on cooperative nuclear research

Moscow Sets Pre-Conditions for the Plutonium Deal to Be Resumed

Russia plans to resume the agreement made with the United States regarding the disposal of surplus weapons-grade plutonium if Washington adheres to a series of pre-conditions