‘Russian Spiderman’ Climbs Moscow City Skyscraper

Sergei Devlyashov, nicknamed Russian Spiderman, climbed on skyscraper of the Moscow City complex without safety

Arizona Sheriffs Purchase Russian Non-Lethal OSA Pistols

Sheriffs working in the state of Arizona have purchased a large batch of Russian OSA (Wasp) non-lethal pistols

Moscow Recognised as One of the Safest Cities for Tourists in the World

Moscow is one of the safest cities for foreign tourists in the world, said the President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Sergei Shpilko at the Gaidar Forum

Suspects Arrested in Yakutia for Stealing Mammoth Tusks

Suspects who stole mammoth tusks worth over $173,000 were detained in Yakutia

Russia’s First Cloned Service Dogs to Work in Yakutia

Two dogs cloned in South Korea’s Sooam laboratories to serve in Russia's Yakutia

Russian Appointed VP of Interpol

Police Major-General Alexander Prokopchuk, head of Interpol’s National Central Bureau in Moscow, has been appointed to the post of Vice President for Europe of the international police organisation