Russians Believe Country’s Influence in World at All-Time High – Poll

According to a poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, or VTsIOM, more and more Russians consider their country to be an influential world power

Russians List Reasons to Be Proud of Their Country

Glorious victory in the Second World War, space exploration and literature are the pillars of Russian patriotism, the poll revealed

Putin’s Image Soars in US

The number of US citizens with a favourable opinion of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is at its highest point since 2003

Survey: Russians Read More E-Books and Listen to More Classical Music than US, UK and Others

PayPal payment platform conducted a sociological survey to discover the habits and peculiarities of digital content users in ten different countries

Almost One-Third of Russians Want President Putin to Use Social Networks

According to a survey 29% of Russians would read the opinions of Russian President Vladimir Putin on his official website or social media accounts if available

Poll: Over 60% of Russians Engaged in Charity in 2016

ince 2008, the share of Russians involved in charity has increased by one-third, according to the results of a nationwide survey by analysts at the NACFIN analytical centre

Most Russians Believe Army Can Protect Russia

Ninety-two percent of Russians said that Russia’s Armed Forces are able to protect the country and its citizens in the event of a threat

Over Two Thirds of Muscovites Are Happy with Public Transit

More than 70% of Moscow residents are happy with the way mass transit operates in the city, according to a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center

Poll: Over 80% of Russians are Happy

According to an opinion poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM), the overwhelming majority of Russians (81%) feel happy

Russians Want to Move Closer to the West More Than Ever Since 2000

A majority of Russians (71%) are in favour of the expansion of economic, political and cultural ties and convergence with the West

Putin’s Approval Rating Reaches 86% – Poll

Polling from the Levada Centre puts President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating at 86%

Poll: Most Russians Want Internet Censorship

About 60% of Russians want censorship on the Internet, according to the results of a survey by the Levada Centre

Poll: Two-Thirds of Russians Want Putin As Next President

A survey conducted by the Levada Centre has shown that two-thirds of Russians would like to have President Vladimir Putin remain in his position after the 2018 election

Half of Russian Women Want to Become Entrepreneurs – Poll

About 84% of Russian women are considering the possibility of starting their own business, while 50% are ready to launch one

Survey Reveals Hotel Wi-Fi Coverage in Russia

Experts at the tourist service OneTwoTrip have named Krasnodar as the Russian city with the highest proportion of hotels providing Wi-Fi access

Halloween in Russia: Number of People Celebrating Doubles Over the Past Decade

A survey carried out by the Levada Center polling organisation indicated that the number of Russians celebrating Halloween has doubled over the past ten years

Americans Believe Russia ‘Is Meddling’ in US Presidential Election – Poll

Over half of US adults believe that Russia is attempting to influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election

Russians Choose to Stay in Their Home Country, Poll Shows

The current economic crisis and Western sanctions have had no impact on Russians’ willingness to emigrate

Poll: Russians and Chinese Show Biggest Support for Trump

Russia, China and the US showed the largest number of people who would vote for Trump

Over 120,000 Foreigners Want to Learn Russian

A total of 125 million people are currently studying Russian abroad, according to research from Alexander Pushkin State Institute

Seven Common Consumer Traits in Russians and Americans

Fast food, big cars and pre-used iPhones – here's the list of some unexpected things that both Russians and Americans appreciate

Russians Name Pushkin Best National Poet

Russians have named Alexander Pushkin the country’s greatest poet