Moscow Climbs 15 Places in Ranking of World’s Most Expensive Cities

Moscow is the 98th most expensive city in the world to live in, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living 2017 study

Bloomberg Predicts ‘Happiness’ for Russian Economy

Russia has the potential to drop nine spots in Bloomberg’s ‘Misery Index’ this year

Business Model of the Day: Cat Rental

A novel business has launched in Russia's Kirov that offers locals the chance to rent a cat by the hour, helping them unwind and deal with stress

Russian Mobile Phone Tariffs Cheapest in Europe

Basic tariffs offered by mobile operators in Russia are much cheaper than similar tariffs in Europe and over one-and-a-half times cheaper than those offered in Indonesia

Under the Golden Coat-of-Arms

A tour of Russia’s most expensive cottage

Moscow Taxi Rides 30% Cheaper Than in 2014

The average cost of a taxi ride in Moscow has decreased by 30% over the past three years

St. Petersburg Has Russia’s Most Affordable Higher Education

St. Petersburg was recognised as the city with the most affordable higher education research results from the Institute of Education at the Higher School of Economics showed

Most Expensive Real Estate in Moscow Revealed

Moscow’s most expensive real estate locations of 2016 have been named

Two Euro Challenge

Can one sate their hunger in Moscow with only 2€ in their pocket?

Average Cost of Staying at a Moscow Hotel on New Year's Eve Revealed

Vacationing in the capital on New Year's Eve will cost visitors an average of $60 per night

Americans Spend Most on Hotels in Russia

Hotels.com has released a Hotel Price Index that analysed which foreign guests spent the most on hotels in Russia during the first half of 2016

Toyota Adds a Night Shift at Its Russian Factory Amid Market Stabilisation

The company has decided to take this step due to increased demand for its flagship models, the RAV4 and Camry

Russia Now China’s Leading Oil Supplier – Reuters

Russia has consolidated its position as China’s primary oil supplier, surpassing Saudi Arabia in the first ten months of the year

Citi: Russia May Borrow as Cheaply as Before Sanctions, Even with Oil at $120

Rates for the Russian sovereign debt have reached their pre-crisis levels, says Blazej Dankowski, Head of Debt Capital Markets in Russia and Kazakhstan

Bloomberg: Russia $6 Billion Richer Thanks to OPEC Talks

Russia’s decision to enter into negotiations with OPEC to limit oil production has added 400 billion roubles ($6 billion) to the country’s budget, Bloomberg reported

Russia’s Cheapest Places to Rent a Flat Revealed

Housing service Selims.ru provided Lenta.ru with a list of Russia’s most affordable cities in terms of rent and housing prices

Is Cofix Café in Moscow Worth a Visit?

The classic expression “50 each!” is traditionally used to ask for vodka, but it has taken on a new meaning since Cofix, a café where each menu item costs 50 roubles ($0.79), opened in Moscow

St. Petersburg Among Ten Most Affordable Tourist Destinations in Europe

St. Petersburg was named as one of the top 10 cheapest European city breaks

Rock Bottom

Once one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, flat rental prices in Moscow are now ridiculously low

Russian Middle Class Is Shrinking – Sberbank

The share of Russian citizens who identify themselves as middle class has dropped over the past two years from 61% of the population in the third quarter of 2014 to 51% in the third quarter of 2016

Russia to Join the Oil Production Freeze, Putin Says

The decision to freeze or cut oil production is crucial for maintaining stability on the oil market

Rouble on a Leash

Government is set to weaken rouble to soften the landing