Where to Fill Your Shot Glass in Russia: Five Most Authentic Russian Bars

Rambler.Travel brings a selection Russia’s most colourful rumochnayas, which are quintessentially Russian bars and cafes

Netflix Documentary Series Features Moscow Chef

Streaming service Netflix posted a trailer for the third season of “Chef’s Table,” its documentary series about the culinary traditions of the world, on YouTube

Russian Regions to Host Several Festivals for Foodies in 2017

Afisha.Restaurants is planning to organise gastronomic festivals throughout Russia

Snack Station

What the legendary retro-canteen inside the Moscow Metro is really like

New Health Food Cafés Chain to Open in Russia

Forbes Magazine published an interview with Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev in which he spoke about the launch of a chain of health food cafés called Petrushka

Moscow White Rabbit Restaurant Ranks 23rd Best in the World

The Russian restaurant White Rabbit took the 23rd place of the influential rating of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, though losing five positions compared to last year

Two Russian Restaurants Made It to World’s Top 100

Two Russian restaurants were included in the expanded rating of the world’s best eateries, according to a statement on The World's 50 Best Restaurants award’s website

Michelin-Star Chefs of Moscow

Let us introduce you to Moscow’s seven eateries whose chefs used to work in Michelin-starred restaurants

Soviet Nostalgia on a Plate

Today, MOSLENTA takes you on a tour of the Moscow cafes and restaurants which are recreating the atmosphere of the USSR through their design and menus

World's First ‘Gadget’ Restaurant to Open in Moscow

The world's first restaurant devoted to electronic devices will open in Moscow in late February, the restaurant’s founders told Afisha.Daily

Wine for the Upper Crust

Even the rich and powerful enjoy eating and drinking, just like everybody else

McDonald's to Use Only Domestic Products in Russia by 2018

McDonald's plans to start using only domestically-produced ingredients in its Russian locations within the next two years

Two Euro Challenge

Can one sate their hunger in Moscow with only 2€ in their pocket?

Los Angeles Residents Discover Russian Cuisine

Russian chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Georgy Troyan showcased contemporary Russian cuisine in the US during the “Far From Moscow” Russian culture festival

Seventeen Russian Restaurants Among World’s Best

Seventeen Russian restaurants made it onto La Liste, a rating of the world’s top one thousand restaurants that has recently been released on its official webpage

CNN: Sanctions Have Fuelled a Russian Food Revolution

Restrictions on foreign food by Russia and economic sanctions imposed by the EU have sparked off a culinary revolution in the country

In Monaco, Russian Cuisine Flies High

From Nov. 27 to 30, Monaco is hosting the Chefs World Summit

Moscow Chef Gets a Michelin Star

Adrian Quetglas Restaurant, located in Spain and owned by Moscow chef Adrian Quetglas, has received a Michelin star

Is Cofix Café in Moscow Worth a Visit?

The classic expression “50 each!” is traditionally used to ask for vodka, but it has taken on a new meaning since Cofix, a café where each menu item costs 50 roubles ($0.79), opened in Moscow

Where to Eat in Moscow in True Russian Style

Moscow restaurants serving nelma suguday, shrimp and fish telnoye

Acting Up With Taste

LavkaLavka chef Vladimir Chistyakov on Arctic cuisine in Teriberka