Russia’s Chewing Gum Exports Reach $59 Million in 2016

Russia exported $59 million of chewing gum in 2016, RNS reported, citing a statement from the Russian Export Centre

Largest Nike Store in Central and Eastern Europe to Open in Moscow

On March 26, Nike will open its largest store in Central and Eastern Europe on Kuznetsky Most street in Moscow

Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Sberbank to Create Alibaba Analogue

In May or June this year, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, or MED, and Sberbank will begin working together on a Russian Internet trading site

Tesla Considers Entering Russian Market

The manufacturer of Tesla electric cars is currently searching for premises in Moscow and St. Petersburg for potential future offices, showrooms and service centres

Nike Wonders What Russian Girls Are ‘Made Of’

Prominent Russian athletes star in Nike's new inspirational sales campaign based off of a famous children's song

Kremlin Plans to Sell Goods Under its Own Brand by April

The Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation is preparing to sell products starting in early April under the brand 'Kremlevskoye Kachestvo'

eBay Russia to Start Developing Businesses in 120 Countries

Starting this year, eBay Russia will be responsible for the company’s business development in 120 countries around the world, according to Ilya Kretov

Chanel Applies for Russian Tax Free Programme

Chanel has sent an application to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for participation in the tax free programme

Experts Predict Revival of Luxury Market in Russia

The Russian market for luxury goods may grow in 2017, according to Luxurydaily

Auchan Planning to Invest Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually into Russian Market

French retailer Auchan intends to invest 20-30 billion roubles ($328.7-493.1 million) annually into the development of their business in Russia

Moscow Kremlin to Open Online Shop

Administrative Directorate of the President is testing its online shop “Kremlin Quality”

IKEA to Invest $360Mln in Store Construction in Russia’s Leningrad Region

IKEA plans to invest $360 million in the construction of a third Mega shopping centre in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region

Most Expensive Russian Street Revealed

Located in the centre of Moscow, Stoleshnikov Lane is the most expensive street in Russia in terms of the rental cost of retail space

IKEA to Open First Free-Standing Store in Moscow Region

IKEA is set to open its first free-standing store in the Moscow Region

Russia's Sberbank Aspires to Create a Marketplace Similar to Alibaba

Sberbank is planning on creating an e-commerce platform similar to those of Alibaba and Amazon in Russia

‘In Russia, There Are Many Good yet Unknown Designers’

Aizel Trudel: Online stores will eventually replace conventional boutiques

‘In Russia, Food and Beauty Products are Essential’

An interview with Laurent Abadie, Chairman of the Board of Panasonic Europe, and Junichi Suzuki, General Director of Panasonic Russia

Russian Lexus Sales Double in September

Lexus sales increased by 51% in September compared to the same period in 2015

Russian Economic Decline Halted

The Russian economy stopped falling in Aug. 2016 as the dynamics of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) showed a zero in comparison to Aug. 2015

Russia’s Azbuka Vkusa Launches Fingerprint Payment System

Azbuka Vkusa, a Russian supermarket chain, has begun testing a fingerprint payment system

Forbes Names Biggest Foreign Businesses Working in Russia

The French retail chain Auchan was rated as the highest-earning foreign company operating in Russia by the Russian-language version of Forbes on Sept. 22