Russia's New Two Hundred-Rouble Banknotes to Be Made From Durable Paper

The new 200-rouble ($3.46) banknotes will be made from durable paper in order to extend their longevity

RDIF Positive Russia’s Economy Will See Growth in 2017

Russia's economy is predicted to bounce back in the first quarter of this year

Tourist Shoppers Spend More Than $160 a Day in Moscow

Tourists who come to Moscow to shop spend an average of about 10,000 roubles ($166.80) a day, according to Nikolay Gulyaev, head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism

Russia Back on Investors' Radars

International investors are once again interested in Russia due to its economic recovery

Russian Banks’ Profit Grows by One Trillion Roubles

Russian banks earned 930 billion roubles ($15.7 billion) in 2016, a 480% increase from 2015’s profits of 192 billion roubles ($3.24 billion)

Russia Spent 250 Billion Roubles on Industrial Import Substitution

Some 250 billion roubles ($4.04 billion) have been invested into the development of import-substitution production facilities over the past two years

Emergency Situations Minister: Russia Gave $250Mln in Aid Over Three Years

Russia has given a total of $250 million in humanitarian aid abroad over the past three years

German Businesses Bet on Russia

Western companies are actively investing in Russia despite sanctions

Russian Salaries Approaching Chinese Levels

The falling rouble means that salaries in Russia have become ever closer to those in China

Bloomberg: Clinton Victory Could Strengthen Russian Rouble

The Russian rouble may strengthen if Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate for the US presidency, wins today’s election

Business Climate in Russia is Improving – Higher School of Economics

The Economic Sentiment Index (HSE ESI) climbed by 2.1 points up to 87.6 in Q3 2016

Glazyev Advises Russian Businesses to Abandon Dollar Assets

The aggressive policy of the US can end up in the blockage of dollar assets, Glazyev said

Tourists Talk About How They’re Benefiting From the Weak Rouble

Afisha.Daily correspondent took a stroll along the Arbat Street, visited Red Square and shopped GUM alongside the city’s foreign tourists, asking them how the current exchange rate is affecting their visit to the country