Yantar to Build Research Vessel for Russian Navy

Kaliningrad-based shipyard Yantar has secured a contract for the construction of the second oceanographic research vessel under the 22010 project

Putin Aims to Attract Best Scientists to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the country needs to attract the best scientific minds from around the globe

Google Founder with a Soviet Soul

Secretmag gives us the Sergey Brin back story

Russian PCs Taught to Outperform Supercomputers Tenfold

Russian physicists from the Moscow State University have managed to utilise personal computers to conduct complex quantum mechanics calculations

Russia Designs Reusable Spacecraft for Moon Flights

A reusable spacecraft, named Ryvok, designed to carry cosmonauts and supplies to the moon, has been designed in Russia

Russian Company to Build Spaceport for Papua New Guinea

A Russian company has agreed to build a spaceport for Papua New Guinea

Archaeology Museum to Open in Moscow Kremlin

Tourists will be able to see archaeological objects in their historic locations

Russia Placed 43 in Global Innovation Index 2016, Up Five Ranks

This year Russia was ranked 43rd, in comparison to 38th the previous year

A Convergence of Minds

Why Moscow needs the International Medical Cluster

‘Our Families Resented Our Work’

The 100-year Anniversary of the Birth of Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Alexander Prokhorov

Russia to Create Robot Avatar to Work in Space

Russia is currently working on a remote-controlled, avatar-style robot that could soon become an integral crew member of the Russian national orbital station

NUST MISiS Among World’s Best Small Universities

The National University of Science and Technology (NUST MISiS) placed 19th in the recent World’s Best Small Universities Rankings