Russian Varyag Cruiser Sails to Singapore for Naval Exhibition

The flagship of the Pacific Fleet, missile cruiser Varyag (Varangian), will take part in the International Maritime Security Exhibition IMDEX Asia 2017

The Four Masts

The beauty and pride of the Russian fleet, the Sedov barque, celebrates its 96th birthday

The Motherland Sells: Unexpected Russian Exports

It's a general belief that Russian exports consist primarily of fuel and energy products; but at the same time, Russia is boosting exports of some surprising products that very few know about

The Fleet on the Move

Pushing the limits of the Russian Navy

The Arctic Lenin

The construction of the first Soviet nuclear-powered icebreaker began 60 years ago

Russia Ready to Ratify Agreement on Naval Base in Syria

Defence and Security First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council announced that the upper house of the Federal Assembly is ready to promptly ratify the deal with Syria

Ministry of Defence to Renovate Sub Rescue Ship

Russia’s Ministry of Defense will spend over $365,000 to modernize the Alagez/Project 537 vessel, a unique watercraft designed for submarine rescue operations