Louis Vuitton Releases Sneakers for TsUM Shoppers

Louis Vuitton has created a limited edition of Run Way women’s sneakers produced specifically for Moscow’s TsUM shopping centre

Charity Online Grocery Store Opens in Russia’s Yekaterinburg

An entrepreneur from Yekaterinburg has launched an online store where everyone can buy groceries and household goods for indigent elderly people

Souvenir Shops Open in Moscow Metro

Souvenir shops opened at four different metro stations in Moscow

Russian Clothing Retailer Opens First Store in Poland

The Russian clothing retailer Melon Fashion Group opened the first Befree store in the Polish town of Poznan

Moscow TsUM Store Launches Cashier-Less Checkout

Moscow’s TsUM (Central Universal Department Store) teamed up with Sberbank in the implementation of a new cashier-less way for customers to pay for their purchases

Russia to Offer VIP Shopping Tours to Chinese Travellers

VIP shopping tours will be offered to prospective travellers in Beijing and Shanghai this December