Tatarstan: Thirteen Must-See Things

Kazan, the jewel and the capital of the Tatarstan Republic, is not its only attraction – there are plenty of marvellous places to visit!

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Free guided tours around the district will be conducted along the Arbat for Muscovites and tourists

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Russia Names Best Wildlife Photo of 2016

On Dec. 28, the Central House of Artists in Moscow hosted the finals of the Wildlife Russia-2016 photo contest, organised by National Geographic

Moscow’s Five Most Romantic Spots

Professing one’s love, asking for one’s hand in marriage, hanging a love padlock and making a wish at a centuries-old oak: Rambler.Travel reveals the five most romantic places in the capital

Planet Taymyr

An out-of-world experience without leaving Russia

St. Petersburg Church Named Russia’s Most Popular Landmark

The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg is the most popular landmark in Russia

Russia Is One of Top Cruise Destinations in 2017

Russia is a Top Cruise Destination for 2017

Far and Farther: Five Unique Tourist Destinations in Russia

There are hundreds of breath-taking sites in Russia — majestic lakes, impenetrable fortresses, gentle valleys and rugged mountains

World’s Highest Skating Rink

A skating rink that recently opened on the 86th storey of one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City claims to be the highest in the world

Moscow City to Get Nine More Skyscapers

Nine more skyscrapers will be built by 2018 on the grounds of the Moscow International Business Centre, or Moscow City

Excursion Trains to Run Between Moscow and Nearby Cities During New Year’s

Excursion trains will be running between Moscow and seven neighbouring cities during the New Year holidays

River of Ice

Upon the arrival of winter each year, the Moscow River starts to freeze and thousands of ice floes begin to cover it

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Rambler.Travel examines the city's newest sights, all of which appeared in the last three years

RZD Expects 4,000 Tourists to Travel Historic Trans-Siberian Railway

Around 4,000 tourists will have traveled from Moscow to Vladivostok on the historic Trans-Siberian Railway, or TSR, by the end of the year

Sky High

Russia's highest skating rink to open on the roof of one of the Moskva City business centre's towers

Snow-Covered Moscow from Bird’s Eye View

A breathtaking video of an aerial view of snow-covered Moscow

Moscow Named Among Top Seven Must-See Sites to Visit in 2017

The experts at National Geographic highlighted Moscow as one of the seven best places to visit in 2017, reports the magazine’s website

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