Russian Figure Skater Dances as Sailor Moon on Japanese TV

Evgenia Medvedeva - a champion in figure skating and an anime lover confessed her affection to Japanese cartoon art once again

Top Ten Skating Rinks in Moscow

If you enjoy a bit of cold and are a fan of winter sports, why not find your skating legs at one of the ice rinks scattered around Moscow?

World’s Highest Skating Rink

A skating rink that recently opened on the 86th storey of one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City claims to be the highest in the world

Russia’s Main Ice Rink at VDNKh Shot from Bird’s-Eye View

Camera drones of the 360 channel shot a bird’s-eye view of the country’s main rink located at VDNKh

Sky High

Russia's highest skating rink to open on the roof of one of the Moskva City business centre's towers

Winter Arrives in Moscow

Moscow’s parks officially opened the skating season on Nov. 26

Meet Me on the Ice: Russia's Largest Ice Rink Opens at VDNKh

The official ceremony took place on the evening of Nov. 25

Ice-Skating Trail Opens in Forest Near St. Petersburg

The 1.5-kilometre ice-skating trail features outdoor lighting and a bar