Russian IT Agency to Register ‘Covfefe’ Brand

An Internet agency LED based in Russia’s St. Petersburg plans to register a “covfefe” trademark

Five Thousand Candidates Apply for ‘Dream Job’ in Russia

Travel company OneTwoTrip is looking for a travel director that will travel all over while receiving 400,000 roubles ($6,735) per month

Keanu Reeves’s St. Petersburg Promenade Goes Viral on Russian Internet

The attention of Russian social network users focused on Keanu Reeves who was strolling around St. Petersburg

Russia Names Its Most Beautiful Hockey Player

The Russian Women’s Hockey League named Anastasia Legkodukh, a forward for Dmitrov’s Tornado Hockey Club, Russia’s most beautiful female hockey player

Candy Wrappers and Book Covers: Instagram Selection of Soviet Design

Picks from an Instagram channel filled with Soviet design's original charm

How Much Is Telegram App Actually Worth?

Putting a price tag on Pavel Durov's messenger application

What Do 16,000 Photos Say About Moscow

The most ‘masculine’ statue, places ‘most photographed after sunset’ and other results from an urban anthropology study of 16,000 images uploaded to Vkontakte social network

Instagram Earns More Than Facebook in Russia

In Russia, Instagram earns several times more than its parent company Facebook, according to sources in the advertising market

Russian Scientists Develop Extremist-Seeking Software

Russian scientists have unveiled a new type of software that is capable of detecting extremist-related content across social networks

Ufa Confectioner Nominated for International Social Media Award

Olga Noskova, a confectioner from Ufa who posts pictures of her cakes on Instagram, has been nominated for a Shorty Award

Facebook Rewards Russian Hacker

Facebook has paid Russian hacker Andrey Leonov a record reward for finding vulnerabilities in the social network’s software

Russia's Murmansk to Host Arctic Circle’s First International AV Festival

Inversia, the first international audiovisual festival above the Arctic Circle, will take place in Murmansk from Feb. 2 to 4

‘Fake’ Sun Seen in Moscow

Abnormal frosts in the Moscow metropolitan area gave Muscovites the opportunity to witness a unique phenomenon – a halo or “fake” sun

Telegram Introduces New Blogging Platform

Telegram Messenger has launched Telegraph, a tool that can be used to create articles for publishing via Telegram or other websites

LinkedIn to Be Blocked in Russia

The decision to block the social network LinkedIn in Russian in connection to a violation of the law on personal data localisation was recognised as legitimate by the Moscow City Court

Russian Media Watchdog Demands Ban on LinkedIn

Roskomnadzor is planning to impose restrictions on the access to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network

What’s Up With Batsaap?

WhatsApp brings electronic democracy, reindeer meat and photos of cats to Yakutian users

Vkontakte to Launch Money Transfer System

Vkontakte is planning to launch its own money transfer system that will allow for financial transactions between users of the social network

Tom Hanks to Help Disabled Russian Run Worldwide Ultramarathon

Hollywood star Tom Hanks has expressed his desire to help 68-year-old Piotr Naumov from Yakutia to run a worldwide ultramarathon

FindFace Users Hits 100,000 Mark in Just Over a Week

The number of FindFace users has surpassed 100,000 just a week and a half after its launch, Lenta.ru reported citing a company press-release