Tokyo Airport Now Selling Canned ‘Borscht’

Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport has begun selling a borscht substitute, according to the Facebook page of the Embassy of Japan in Russia

Souvenir Shops Open in Moscow Metro

Souvenir shops opened at four different metro stations in Moscow

Russian Matryoshka Doll Inspires Creators of Stylish Kitchen Gadget

If someone had to name one souvenir that foreigners typically buy in Russia, it would most likely be the matryoshka

Spoons of Victory: Russia Unveils Its National Musical Instrument for Fans

Russian fans will soon have a new national musical instrument to support their teams

Brest Manufacturer Packs Socks in Cans

The Brest Stockings Plant, or BChK, released a limited batch of socks packaged in cans just in time for the holiday Day of the Defender of the Fatherland on Feb. 23

Antique Fair Opens in Tverskaya Square

Antique shops where visitors can take retro-style photos and buy souvenirs opened on Jan. 21 in Tverskaya Square

Russian T-Shirt Makers Strike Gold with Trump

The rapid emergence of Trump-related brands in Russia

Donald Trump Joins the Matryoshka Family

Matryoshka dolls with the face of US President-elect Donald Trump are now available for sale in central Moscow