Russian Startup Invents Memory-Enhancing Device

The Russian company Brainstorm has launched the sale of the eponymous neurostimulator which allows to increase the memory

Make Way for WayRay

WayRay, Swiss-based Russian startup and the developer of an innovative navigation system, receives $18-million investment

Stanislav Kiselev: Doing Business in Russia

Stanislav Kiselev, founder of the cleaning service Helpstar, on how he came back to Moscow to become a businessman

Finding the Perfect Spot for a Coffee Shop in Moscow

Pro tips from Double B coffee shop founder Anna Tsfasman

Russian Startup to Analyse Data for American, Swedish Hockey Clubs

Russian startup Iceberg has signed a deal with the New York Islanders from the National Hockey League, or NHL

Russia Is an Excellent Starting Point for a Startup – Buzzfactory Founder

Russian market is an excellent place to launch a startup because it is more open and less competitive than the US market

Women Rule: Three Friends Launch Carsharing Service in Moscow

Ekaterina Makarova, Elena Muradova and Loriana Sardar launched BelkaCar, a carsharing service featuring a fleet of 350 blue and orange Kia Rios, in October 2016

MasterCard: Russia Has Fourth Most Female Entrepreneurs

According to the MasterCard Index of Female Entrepreneurs, 32.6% of business owners in Russia are women, placing the country fourth overall in the world

Russian Online Game War Thunder Released

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the long-awaited release of War Thunder

Saudi Prince, Jay-Z Invest $105 Million in Russian Startup

A Florida-based startup has raised $105 million from the rapper Jay-Z and a Saudi prince

Skolkovo Startups to Attend Slush Technology Show in Helsinki

The Skolkovo Foundation will bring 50 companies to Slush, the largest technology show in Northern Europe, uniting entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs of large corporations

Fully Charged: How a Skolkovo Resident Got the Better of Elon Musk

The innovative WATTS modular energy accumulation and storage system developed by a Skolkovo resident to be revealed at the Slush 2016 startup conference

‘This is Where You Can Become a Star in Just a Year’

The founder of Russia's first hostel for snowboarders talks about his unusual project

Through Science to a Better Tomorrow

Young inventors promise to cure balding and save us from chores

Prisma Rated Among Top Apps

Russian photo editing app Prisma is now among the most downloaded apps in ten countries

Russian Team Unveils Holographic Car Navigation System

WayRay, a company created by Russian developers, has unveiled a unique holographic technology

Haul to All: How Rostov Entrepreneurs Transport Planes, Bees and Ice Cream

Startup develops the largest haulage marketplace in Russia through a novel idea