FIAT Hopes to Make Tractors in Russia

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is considering Italian automobile company FIAT’s proposal to produce tractors in Russia

Kalashnikov to Enter Toy and Online Gaming Industries

The Kalashnikov Concern has registered 27 trademarks in Russia in the category of 'games, toys, sporting goods, etc'

Maps for Visually Impaired May Soon Come to Moscow

A tactile-sound map for the visually impaired may soon appear in Moscow as part of an experiment to improve the city’s handicap-accessible environment

Russian Company to Build Spaceport for Papua New Guinea

A Russian company has agreed to build a spaceport for Papua New Guinea

Robot Assistant Gets Regular Job in Moscow Metro

The robot assistant Metrosha, who will greet passengers and lift spirits, was introduced today in the Moscow Metro

Russia’s Pilkington Plant to Export Nano-coated Glass

The Pilkington Glass plant in Russia, part of the SP Glass Group and a portfolio company of Rusnano, has been exporting nano-coated glass to Dubai, Lebanon, Ireland and Australia

Hail the Self-Driving Bus

Russia's Central Research and Development Automotive Institute presents the driverless Shuttle minibus that can be summoned via a smartphone app

Russia's Aeroflot Expands Its Fleet with 30 SSJ100

Aeroflot and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) announced that the contract for the supply of 30 Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft has been fulfilled

Russia Placed 43 in Global Innovation Index 2016, Up Five Ranks

This year Russia was ranked 43rd, in comparison to 38th the previous year

Through Science to a Better Tomorrow

Young inventors promise to cure balding and save us from chores

Satellites From Soda Cans

Russian school students battle in a competition to launch can-sized satellites in Moscow suburbs

Russia’s Oldest Steam Engine

LJ-user DOBRIY_VASYA and LJ-magazine give an insight on the last remaining example of Watt’s steam engine in Russia

A Universe in a Lab

The NICA collider construction began in Dubna