Five Stolen Paintings Return to Levitan Museum

Five works by Russian painter Isaac Levitan worth about 77 million roubles ($1.3 million) have been returned to his house-museum in Plyos

Aspiring Vlogger Steals Grandmother’s Video Camera, Sells It for Alcohol

A man in the Kemerovo province was detained on suspicion of stealing a video camera

Suspects Arrested in Yakutia for Stealing Mammoth Tusks

Suspects who stole mammoth tusks worth over $173,000 were detained in Yakutia

Tonnes of Red Caviar Stolen from Warehouse in Moscow... Again

Red caviar worth almost $610,000 was stolen from a warehouse located in the eastern part of Moscow

Thirteen Tonnes of Red Caviar Stolen Through a Hole in Fence in Moscow

Unidentified thieves have stolen 13 tonnes of red caviar in Moscow, breaking through a concrete fence and sawing through container walls in the process