‘Finally, the Ice Has Broken!’

Residents of Russia’s Far North greeting summer: Instagram selection

No Man’s Land: The Arctic as Seen by a Laser Scanner

Futurologist Liam Young and students of The New Normal programme took a trip to Murmansk region to speculate on the fate of Russia’s Far North against the backdrop of melting icecaps and the advance of global warming

First Days of Summer Bring Snow to Moscow

Instagram users were completely misled as wet snow covered Moscow on the second day of summer


How Russians store their “iron horses” during the off season

Moscow to Praise Spring with ‘Moscow Spring’ Festival

Yes, the official start of spring was two months ago, but only this week a sunny and beautiful weather has finally arrived to the Russian capital

Russia Unveils Designs for New MI Kite

The Russian United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) has unveiled designs for a series of kites to be used for military intelligence missions

Poles Apart

The peoples of the Far North have developed unique biological mechanisms to adapt to extreme climates

Skolkovo Resident Develops Climate-Adapted Windows

A resident company at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre has developed a glazing system for windows which helps them better adapt to the surrounding environment and climate

Winter in Moscow Snowiest in Twenty Years

Over two metres of snow fell on Moscow between late October and Jan. 26

‘Fake’ Sun Seen in Moscow

Abnormal frosts in the Moscow metropolitan area gave Muscovites the opportunity to witness a unique phenomenon – a halo or “fake” sun

First Snow Blankets Moscow

As predicted by forecasters, the first snow blanketed Moscow last night