Austrian Experts Try 22 Best Russian Wines

A delegation from Russia brought 22 bottles of local wine to Austria

Crimean Winery to Launch Agritourism Programme

The Massandra winery in the Crimean peninsula is planning to launch a new agricultural tourism programme later this year

Moscow to Host International Forum for Winemakers

IV Black Sea Winemaking Forum will be held in the Russian capital

Russia’s Abrau-Durso Hoping to Sell Wine in UK’s Asda Supermarkets

Russian wine producer Abrau-Durso is planning to continue negotiations to sell wine through the United Kingdom’s Asda supermarket chain

Crimean Massandra for Chinese Market

Crimean winery Massandra plans to export goods to China

‘People Are Tired of Cabernets All the Time’

Gerard Depardieu on his favourite wines, private cellars and winemaking in Russia

Wine for the Upper Crust

Even the rich and powerful enjoy eating and drinking, just like everybody else

That’s the Spirit! Russia’s Discovery of Vodka

151 years ago, the great Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev defended his thesis "On the Combinations of Water with Alcohol.” Even though it doesn't have much to do with Russia's most famous spirit, since then Jan. 31 is celebrated as the birthday of Russian vodka

To Your Health! Russia Sobers Up

Analysing alcohol market statistics might help gain a better understanding of what's going on in Russia in terms of alcoholic consumption

Parmigiano Is Ours!

Crimea wins over Italian visitors

Wining and Dining in the South of Russia

The South Russian resort Abrau-Dyurso makes its debut as host of the O, Da! Eda! food festival

Luca Maroni Teaches People to Talk About Wine

Italian wine critic on the shape of an aroma, taste paradoxes, the objectivity of ignorance, and the superiority of method over opinion

Champagne in Exchange for Sanctions

France promises to lift sanctions if Russia stops using terms champagne and cognac on product labels

Crimea – a Different Perspective

Russian winemaking after Crimean integration