Nike Wonders What Russian Girls Are ‘Made Of’

Prominent Russian athletes star in Nike's new inspirational sales campaign based off of a famous children's song

Russia Names Its Most Beautiful Hockey Player

The Russian Women’s Hockey League named Anastasia Legkodukh, a forward for Dmitrov’s Tornado Hockey Club, Russia’s most beautiful female hockey player

Women Rule: Three Friends Launch Carsharing Service in Moscow

Ekaterina Makarova, Elena Muradova and Loriana Sardar launched BelkaCar, a carsharing service featuring a fleet of 350 blue and orange Kia Rios, in October 2016

The Fast and the Beautiful

Most attractive Russian award-winning female athletes of 2016

Cold and Beautiful: The Best Snow Maidens of Instagram

The Snow Maiden, or Shegurochka, is one of the most important and beloved characters of the New Year holiday period in Russia

Five Russian Models Who Conquered the World

The most sought-after Russian models who have made a name for themselves on the global stage

Female Bikers of Moscow

Girls on bikes who don’t have anything to prove

Miss Russia Selected in Moscow

“Beauty of Russia,” a contest that has been honoring the most beautiful women in the country since 1995, has come to an end

An Airplane and a Girl

How a 23-year-old female pilot conquers the sky

Best-Looking Russian Model Crowned in Moscow

The national Top Model of Russia beauty pageant for professional models recently took place in Moscow

Beauty in the Air

Moscow picks the prettiest stewardess in Russia

Sexiest Women of Russia 2016

The Russian edition of Maxim magazine has named pop singer Vera Brezhneva the sexiest woman in Russia

Russian FM Spokeswoman Zakharova Listed as One of BBC’s Top 100 Most Influential Women

Maria Zakharova, the official spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was included in BBC’s annual list of the world’s most inspirational and influential women

Russian Scientist Honoured for Her Work Against Cancer

The tenth L'Oreal-UNESCO “For Women in Science” awards were held in Moscow this week

Omsk Woman Found to Have Largest Feet in Russia

Omsk resident Ekaterina Puzikova was recognised as the woman with largest feet in Russia, taking her place in the Russian Book of Records

Russian Wins International Married Women Beauty Pageant

Elvira Lesnichaya from St. Petersburg won the International Mrs. Top of the World 2016 Award for married women aged between 18 and 45

Half of Russian Women Want to Become Entrepreneurs – Poll

About 84% of Russian women are considering the possibility of starting their own business, while 50% are ready to launch one

Russian Girl Wins ‘Face of Beauty International’

TV journalist from Krasnoyarsk recognised as having the most beautiful face

The Height of Selfie-Indulgence

A girl from Moscow has achieved world fame through her selfies taken at astonishing heights

Russians Appear in Top Three of World’s Ugliest Men

The Russians appeared in the top three of the ratings for the most unattractive men, along with the residents of Poland and the UK

Mature Beauty Hits Moscow Runway

A fashion show for non-professional models aged 50-plus was held in Moscow