At-Large Reindeer Caught in St. Petersburg

It was a regular Sunday morning in St. Petersburg until a reindeer decided to break up the monotony of city traffic

Nike Wonders What Russian Girls Are ‘Made Of’

Prominent Russian athletes star in Nike's new inspirational sales campaign based off of a famous children's song

British Students Animate Russian Classics

Students from London’s Kingston University have created several animated trailers for classic Russian novels in anticipation of their republishing in the UK

Russian Plane Fighting Wildfires in Chile

An IL-76 EMERCOM plane has been sent to extinguish wildfires near the town of Portezuelo in Chile

‘Hakasha’ and ‘Karachay-Cherkesha’ Tell American Kids About Russia

An American educational project created a cartoon clip that explains the geographical and federal structure of Russia to English-speaking children

Dolph Lundgren Reads Chekhov and Shakespeare

Deep down in their heart, every action movie star dreams of playing a dramatic role

World’s Highest Skating Rink

A skating rink that recently opened on the 86th storey of one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City claims to be the highest in the world

Homeless Santas Send Holiday Greetings

St. Petersburg charity makes a touching holiday video starring homeless Father Frosts

Horizontal Christmas Tree in Moscow’s Gorky Park Goes Viral, Sets Record

Moscow’s Gorky Park erected a horizontal Christmas tree on Dec. 21 that “floats in the air” at the park’s main gate

A Life-Saving Ice Dip

A man rescued a dog that fell through the ice in Crimea

River of Ice

Upon the arrival of winter each year, the Moscow River starts to freeze and thousands of ice floes begin to cover it

City of Light: Moscow Dresses Up for a Christmas Journey

In anticipation of the Christmas and the New Year’s holidays Moscow streets have been richly adorned with multiple light installations

Russia’s Main Ice Rink at VDNKh Shot from Bird’s-Eye View

Camera drones of the 360 channel shot a bird’s-eye view of the country’s main rink located at VDNKh

Russian-Made Music Video Nominated for Grammy

An OK Go music video filmed in zero gravity has become the first music video made in Russia to be nominated for a Grammy award

Disney’s ‘The Bolshoi Ballet’ Takes Mickey Mouse to Moscow

Mickey and Minnie Mouse take a trip to the Bolshoi Theater to enjoy a Russian ballet

Penguin Goes for a Swim in Central St. Petersburg

A penguin took a plunge into the Fontanka River in the centre of St. Petersburg

Cat Stuck in Ice Rescued in Russia's Chelyabinsk

Russian winters are so cold that cats' paws get stuck in the ice

Snow-Covered Moscow from Bird’s Eye View

A breathtaking video of an aerial view of snow-covered Moscow

Once Upon a Time in Crimea

A five-minute journey across the peninsula