At-Large Reindeer Caught in St. Petersburg

PHOTO by johnbraid / Depositphotos

A video captured a reindeer running along Gagarin Prospekt, a street in St. Petersburg.

According to the local Fontanka news agency, the police managed to catch the deer by about 10 am. They first looped a rope over its horns and then tied it up completely. It is unknown for how long the deer had been on the road.

VIDEO by rusvesna donbass / YouTube

VKontakte social network users joked that the police would try to fine the deer for speeding, crossing the double line and red light violations.

Judging by the red harness on the deer’s head, it had run away from its owner. The identity of the owner is yet to be determined.

On Jan. 18, the television channel 360 TV reported that there was a deer living in the courtyard of a block of flats in Lobnya in the Moscow Region. A local resident had brought it to Lobnya from the Murmansk region and he made money by allowing children to ride the reindeer during the New Year holidays. The man took the reindeer back to its natural habitat at the end of the holiday season.