Disney’s ‘The Bolshoi Ballet’ Takes Mickey Mouse to Moscow

PHOTO by A shot from "The Bolshoi Ballet" cartoon

In 2016, The Walt Disney Company released a short animated film about the adventures of Mickey Mouse in Moscow.

The film, titled “The Bolshoi Ballet,” premiered on Feb. 14 on the Disney Channel and took Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a trip to the Bolshoi Theater to enjoy a Russian ballet.

After the Bolshoi, they took a ride in a Faberge-egg-shaped sleigh through Red Square and saw Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky.

VIDEO by Disney Russia / YouTube

The film marked the 10th anniversary of Disney’s Russian office, which took part in developing the script.

Creators of the Mickey Mouse series have often taken their characters to different cities all over the world, and Mickey and Minnie have already been to Tokyo, Beijing, Venice and New York.

The first film about Mickey Mouse, “Steamboat Willie,” came out in 1928. He later appeared in dozens of short cartoons and several full-length animated films including the seminal smash hit Fantasia in 1940.

Recently, Mickey has seldom stared in Disney Studio films, appearing in only three short cartoons between 1980 and 2000.