Cat Stuck in Ice Rescued in Russia's Chelyabinsk

PHOTO by A shot from the video / Bulat Baranova / YouTube

Russian winters are so cold that cats' paws get stuck in the ice

In the town of Zlatoust of the Chelyabinsk Region, a cat, which found itself in a situation that was as equally absurd as it was dangerous, was rescued in time.

The person who filmed the video explains that the cat got stuck in the ice while trying to hide underneath a warm car. “This is the kind of freezing weather we have here, cats get stuck in the ice,” the man says. According to the Gismeteo website, the temperature in Zlatoust was as low as -26°C around the time the video was filmed.

VIDEO by Bulat Baranova / YouTube

Using several buckets of hot water, the couple managed to remove the cat's paws from the ice. The most surprising part is that the cat went through the whole rescue operation of seven and a half minutes without making a sound. “The main thing is that the cat is alive, and now we will call for a vet. The most important thing now is for her to thaw out,” says the author of the video.