Russian Artist Creates World’s Largest Mural

PHOTO by ARTMOSSPHERE / Vimeo / Screenshot

Moscow's artist Misha Most has created the world’s largest mural graffiti “Evolution-2” under supervision of independent creative association Artmossphere, the Afisha.Daily reported, citing the press service of Street Art Biennale.

The artist’s work covered 10,800-square-metre façade of the “Stan-5000” manufacturing complex in Vyks, Nizhny Novgorod region. It took Misha Most 35 days to complete the world’s largest mural created by a single artist.


Most’s project was selected from 250 applications representing 34 countries participating in the “Vyksa 10,000” contest. The jury included renown artists, designers and architects.

The “Evolution-2” attracted attention of the Guinness Book of World Records representatives – soon, Misha’s project can become a recognised record-holder.

“Main characters of my plot are the scientist, the refined robotic man and the anthropomorphous android; the inalienable graphic motives – chemical elements, crystal structures and scientific formulas. This work visualise a kind of future society born in the mind of the explorer. If you observe the sketch from left to right, you can grasp the development of the plot: from small to large, from study to creation, from idea to result,” Misha Most explained his initial idea when applying for contest participation.

As of today, the world’s largest mural is located in the American state of Colorado where hundreds of artists painted a 16,000-square-metre façade. The picture grows every year as various artists augment it with new elements.