Nike Wonders What Russian Girls Are ‘Made Of’

PHOTO by NikeWomen / YouTube

Nike’s Russian team released a two-minute film that reinterpreted the famous Russian children's song "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" The video was timed to coincide with the launch of the new Nike sales campaign "Made of...” that features famous female Russian athletes.

VIDEO by NikeWomen / YouTube

The girl in the film starts singing the original song's words:

"What are our little girls made of? They're made of flowers and bells, of glances and jellies."

Once inspired by the athletes, the girl changes the lyrics to as follows:

"Our girls are made of iron, of aspirations, of dedication and battles; of persistence and grace, of which the whole nation is proud of; of bruises and bumps, of courage and clenched fists, of independence and skills, of passion of heart and dignity; of faith stronger than flint, of strength and fire, of freedom from others' opinions; our girls are made of achievements and accomplishments."

David Wilson directed the film, Nike’s press service told Afisha.Daily.

Figure skater Adelina Sotnikova, MMA fighter Anastasia Yankova, ballet dancer Olga Kuraeva, actress Irina Gorbacheva, skateboarder Katya Shengelia, track-and-field athlete Kristina Sivkova, coach of Nike + Training Club Anastasia Kotelnikova and footballer Ksenia Lazareva all took part in the film.