World’s First Wheelchair for Divers Built in Russia

PHOTO by Igor Skikevich / YouTube / Screenshot

Wheelchair-bound traveller Igor Skikevich is going to test the world’s first wheelchair for diving in the Russian city of Novorossiysk, the city’s government announced.

The underwater wheelchair known as the Barracuda was developed by Skikevich himself and consists of a frame and two wings with underwater propellers attached to them. A stroller can move underwater with the diver.

Skikevich was not the first person to attempt to create a wheelchair for diving, but previous efforts had not been successful.

VIDEO by Igor Skikevich / YouTube

He took into account all the mistakes of his predecessors and created a design that can be assembled in three minutes. The wheelchair’s engines can be replaced directly in the water.

The Barracuda has already successfully passed tests in a swimming pool. In May or June, it will be tested in the Black Sea.